Sowing combination
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Sowing combination


The new seeder Combined Lamola manages to combine the planting to vibrocultivator preparation-tillage. In so doing, with a single pass, it prepares the soil-working and, at the same time, is sown greatly reducing time and cost of processing. This allows you to leave the ground coarse until the day of sowing and the deposition of the seed is always on the ground “virgin”, that is not conditioned by the inevitable “traces” left by the tractor that pulls the drill.
The seeder Combined Lamola is a combined machine because, thanks to simple interventions, you can work only with vibrocultivator, only the elements seeding or combine them together. Thanks to the new open-close hydraulic sections, the seed drill can work in a fixed position that oscillating simply acting on the hydraulic jack. Seeding elements stand out from the competition for the highest precision due by the movement of ball bearings.

Download the catalogue of Seeder Combined LAMOLA in PDF format.