Buring fertilizer for localized
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Buring fertilizer for localized


Interratore concime localizzato a 2 uscite

Interratore con coclea



The burying for localized fertilizer is a machine that allows you to earth, very easily, accurately manure in the soil particularly in vineyards and orchards. The burying standard is fitted with a stainless steel tray and frame designed to suit the client, from the teeth that are adjustable both in height and in width (minimum distance 40cm – maximum distance 230 cm) and can vary from 2 to 7 via a double frame, by the wheels (available in rubber or iron) to adjust the depth, the loading platform and the electric system. The burying can also be equipped with cage roller, packer roller, smooth roller, harrow spring flex drawer and stainless steel for pesticides and insecticides geo. The stainless steel drawers are designed to distribute all kinds of fertilizer, even those (humid and not) are unsuitable for the volumetric distributors. And ‘This is the great strength dell’interratore. There are two types of steel drawers can be mounted:

1) stainless steel tank with volume distributors;

2) stainless steel tank with auger.

The products within the bath is agitated, to facilitate and homogenise the fall, from a mechanically driven stirrer, exploiting the transmission of the wheels dell’interratore through a series of links that transmit the motion to distributors fertilizer spreader or the openings as regards the drawer with the auger, so as to allow the fertilizer to be distributed in the desired quantities by the user of the machine also individually varying the dosage for each distributor. The teeth of the machine is instead given the task of breaking and tilling the soil in depth (even the toughest jobs and compact) to ensure sufficient aeration and to bury the manure up to 20-30cm .. The transmission of the drawer can be mechanical through the depth gauge wheels rubber, with electric motor or pto drive. Furthermore the tray entirely independent from the frame allows a rapid disassembly of the same application on other machines.

Download the catalogue of Buring fertilizer for localized LAMOLA in PDF format.