Box Spreader
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Box Spreader

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The Lamola company specializes in the design of spreader boxes in stainless steel. It is custom built for the customer to deploy chemical fertilizer, organic, mineral and plant protection in a localized and uniform. The drawer is equipped with agitators in stainless steel, of stainless steel screw to facilitate the movement of the manure, of distributors for any type of fertilizer, the network for the sieve of the fertilizer, the cover for closing and also outside of the drawer is fitted with a knob to adjust the opening of the distributors. In fact, this knob has proved very useful to open and close the distributors that regulate the release of the fertilizer. The spreader box can be adapted to any agricultural implement: burying plows, hoes, assolcatrici, rippers, Seedbed, weeders and more drills of any kind.

Download the catalogue of box spreader LAMOLA in PDF format.