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The ASSOLCATRICE Lamola is a machine that allows, with much ease, to bury the fertilizer in the soil before planting in a precise manner any type of seedling. The ASSOLCATRICE drawer is equipped with stainless steel designed to measure the customer, No. coulters chosen by the customer which may vary from 1 to 7, rubber wheels for the transmission, ladder, platform load, electrical system and in addition can be equipped with a roller compactor iron, harrow spring, rubber gauge wheels row marker flex and stainless steel drawer for pesticides and insecticides geo. The stainless steel drawer can be either single kombi and are designed to deliver chemical fertilizer, organic, mineral, so localized and uniform. The ASSOLCATRICE is used for inter-row crops of any type such as tomatoes, salad and various vegetables for which transplantation is preferred instead of sowing. It can be 1 to 2 or 3 bine with which you can vary the working width from 1.60 to 2.00 meters to 1 bina and from 4.80 to 6.00 m for the 3-bine.

Feautures Assolcatrice
Bine Frame Steel drawer Capacity drawer Transmission Work width Transport widht Micro Hydraulic signals
1 Single 170 Double Lt 750 Mechanical to wheel 1.60 – 2.00 mt 2.36 mt 1 to 2 outputs No
3 Single hydraulic closed 100 Double Lt 450 Mechanical to wheel 4.10 mt 2.55 mt 3 to 2 outputs Yes

Accessories: rear roller wheel row marker, distributors, and any addition of openers.

Feautures Assolcatrice Combinata
Bine Frame Steel drawer Capacity drawer Transmission Work width Transport widht Micro Hydraulic signals
1 Double Nr. 1 Lt 170 Nr. 1 Lt 100 Lt 481.Mechanical with 2 wheels 1.60-2.00 mt 2.30 mt 2 to 2 outputs No
2 Double Nr. 4 Lt 100 Lt 628 Mechanical with 2 wheels 2.00-2.50 mt 2.50 mt 4 to 2 outputs Yes

Download the catalogue of Assolcatrice LAMOLA in PDF format.