Adjustable front linkage
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Adjustable front linkage


The front linkage Lamola work at a pressure of the hydraulic circuit of the tractor, good working condition and in every land, save time and money. The new set of front linkage Lamola have a robust, reinforced by modern design that fits perfectly on your tractor. The lift cylinders allow to raise the tool up to 800 mm from the ground. The lower arms are adjustable in width by means of chains of harnessing or mechanical stabilizers, while the lateral arms right and left adjustable and can be put in position by means of rocking slot. Also you can request to accessorize the lift with the third point mechanical or hydraulic lifting cylinders double acting mechanical stabilizers and arms with quick attacks. Capacity 1500 Kg max. The range runs to power the tractor from 60hp to 100hp and adapt perfectly to any type of car, even crawler!

Download the catalogue of Adjustable front linkage LAMOLA in PDF format.